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Are you planning on starting to grow your own vegetables at home but do not know how to begin? Don’t worry we will give you a few tips to get you started.

What you need to know to begin.

Before you begin growing the garden at home, you need to make sure that you have enough space to plant everything you want in your garden, you need to make sure the area where your garden is, will be exposed to the sun and the rain. When you have prepared the area where your garden will be, water the soil until it is moist, seeds need a very moist environment in order for them to grow, if your soil is moist then you are set to have your vegetables growing proper.

When it comes to the planting strategy, you need to plant your seeds 2-4 cm apart from each other, plant the seeds about one inch deep, this is because the seeds will need enough space apart from each other to grow freely. After planting your seed on the soil, you need to cover them with fertilizer and the remaining soil that you dag to put the seeds.

Magic trick…

In order for your crops to grow quickly and nicely, you might want to consider using organic matter in a form of compost, you can also try and get aged manure, using mulch or green manure. N.B Plants are not the same, some need shade some don’t. that’s the most important thing you should know in order for your garden idea to be a success. Place plants that do not need the sun apart from those that need the sun so that they all grow. Like you have read above, you need to make sure that you have enough space for all your plants.

How to maintain your vegetable garden.

Starting a garden may seem easy for some or maybe even difficult, depends on how excited you are and how keen you are. But plants are like humans they need to be taken care of and maintained, a vegetable garden needs to be weeded and it is recommended that you fertilize your garden with the correct fertilizer, maybe twice a year. You need to keep an eye on the bugs, you need to clean and water your vegetable garden so that it stays in good health.

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