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Fishing in South Africa has a history of over a hundred years. Today South Africa is one of the world’s largest commercial fishing nations. Its fishing industry is unrivaled in this part of the world.

The South African tuna fishery is a small but rapidly expanding component of the country’s fisheries sector. The total tuna catch of 7,500 metric tons (t) represents only slightly more than 1 percent of South Africa’s average annual fisheries catch.

Industry Expansion

The rapid expansion of the industry led to a shortage of boats and men. The quota fell in 1980, but the South Africans were able to persuade the International Commission for the Conservation of Tuna.

Fishing vessels in this category had minimal impact on the seabed and did not use longlines with thousands of kilometers of hooks and buoys, or purse seine nets that surround schools of tuna and scoop them into huge onboard receptacles.


Exploited by hook and line fishing for a long time. Since November 1983, Southern Bluefin tuna have been fished solely by hook and line gear. In addition to the conversion of already existing vessels for use as tuna pole and line vessels, several new vessels have been purchased from abroad and others built in South Africa.


A key feature of the tuna fishery in African waters since about 1960 has been its economic dependence on three harvesters-South African, Spanish and Greek fleets. The South Africans have supplied nearly 80 percent of the total catch in recent years and over 50 percent during 1979.

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Imports and Exports of fish

By the end of the 1970s over 240,000 MT of frozen fish was imported. This means that fishery products almost completely displaced meat imports; Consumers had a wider choice of products for consumption. The reason for this was the increasing preference in Finland, at that time, for whitefish and shellfish at the expense of meat.

Apart from just fish being turned into tuna, fish can be turned into a lot of things. They are both healthy and delicious and can be cooked in a lot of ways. More importantly, they are very easy to prepare and it does not take long before you are enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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